May 31, 2023

Tips for Private Bartending

Private parties can be very lucrative and enjoyable to work with. These parties are perfect for someone who is looking to bartending services for a few hours per week for good money but also has a full-time job. These events offer the opportunity to make valuable connections and network with other people for job opportunities and other parties.

Because their party is important to them, clients who want to hire a private bartender will often be willing to pay a lot. This could be a party for a family reunion, business event, or just a group of friends. No matter what, the host or organizer hired you to be a professional.

Before the event, there are some basics to be covered and certain requirements that must be met between the host & the bartender.

  • The first is when will the event start?

Allow one hour for setup and another for cleaning up. This will be added to your pay.

  • The second is how many people will attend the event?

One bartender can typically handle around 100 to 25 people. If you need more than this, you should consider hiring a second bartender.

  • The third, what amount will you be paid?

A private bartender’s hourly rate is usually fifteen dollars with a tip jar. If tipping is not allowed, you can leave a tip at night.

  • Fourth, what should you wear?

A bartender for private events should wear a white shirt, black pants, and black shoes. Make sure to verify. You might need to dress up for a particular theme or event, but black and white are the most common attire.

What’s the drink menu for Fifth?

Ask about the types of drinks that will be offered. Are you asking about beer, wine or mixed drinks? Be sure to know the ingredients of specialty drinks, and keep your own beer opener and wine opener. You will need to ensure that the host has the proper liquor, beer, and wine in order to prepare the right drinks for the event.

Check in with the host when you arrive at the venue and take a look around the bar area. Make sure you know where the backup supplies are located. Start taking inventory of all liquor before you set up the bar. Ice is essential, so be aware of where to find it. As a backup, cut any garnishes from fruit and place them on the bar. As guests will ask, be aware of where the toilets are located.

While you’re working, do not smoke or drink at a bar. Be professional, friendly and in control. As the party progresses, gradually reduce the amount of alcohol that you pour. Before a guest becomes intoxicated, notify the host. They are more likely to know their guests and be able to handle it better than yours.

Clean up the bar area at the end of the night. Do your best to help others during cleanup.

These guidelines will ensure that you, the host, and your guests have a wonderful night. You will likely be asked again so make sure you have cards with your contact information and to share with contacts.