May 31, 2023

Sylvester Stallone Daughters Have Grown Into True Beauties!

sylvester stallone daughters

Sylvester stallone daughters has been married to ex-model Jennifer Flavin since 1997, with whom she has three beautiful daughters. Sophia, 23, Sistine, 21, and Scarlett, 17, who inherited beauty from their mother, are proof that apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Nobody remains indifferent to their appearance.

sylvester stallone daughters age

Sylvester stallone daughters lately, we can often see them in public, but the oldest daughter, Sophia, is attracting the most attention.

sylvester stallone daughters 2015

Sylvester stallone daughters recently started her modeling career and is very active on social networks. Every day, she delights her followers with new pictures that have several thousand likes and just as many comments that mostly relate to her appearance.

boat sylvester stallone daughters

Sylvester stallone daughters is slowly but surely conquering the fashion world, with many anticipating her great career success.


sylvester stallone daughters 2020Sophia, Scarlett, and Sistine are actresses as their dad, and they also have chosen to become models.

Stallone has two sons Sage and Sergio, with his first wife, Sasha Czack. Sage passed away in 2012 while Sergio was diagnosed with autism in childhood, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a successful actor.

sylvester stallone daughters 2022

With his second wife, model Brigitte Nielsen, he had no children, and with Jennifer Flavin, he got these three beautiful girls.

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