March 29, 2023

Paddy Holland, the next Tom Holland

paddy holland

Paddy Holland is a young actor aged 16 years. Paddy’s real name is Patrick Holland, born in London, England, sixteen years ago. Paddy is the sibling of the famous actor Tom Holland.

Following in the footsteps of his brother as an actor, Paddy is also a young actor who made his first debut in 2018 in the film Holmes & Watson, and the mystery comedy genre film managed to make Paddy’s name increasingly known to the public and made himself successful in playing in film series and other movies.

Paddy was successful as an actor at a young age, and it can also be seen from the number of followers he has on social media; Instagram is one of them. As an Instagram user at a young age, Paddy has 619k followers, which indicates he is very accepted as an actor like his brother Tom Holland.

Paddy Holland Age, Height, and Personal Information

Patrick Holland is 16 years old, and he was born in London, England, on December 6, 2004; the following is a complete biography of Paddy Holland,

Paddy Holland in Invasion series

Source: Instagram @paddyholland2004

  • Real name: Patrick Holland
  • Nickname: Paddy
  • Birthdate: December 6, 2004
  • Place of birth: London, England
  • Nationality: English
  • Christianity
  • Height (approximately): 5’8 or 177 cm
  • Weight (approximately): 65 kg or 143 Pounds
  • Siblings: Tom Holland, Sam Holland and Harry Holland.

Having a height of 177 cm for a 16-year-old child belongs to the ideal body for a young man. This perfect body formation is, of course, obtained from his hobby, which since childhood Paddy likes to exercise and skateboard, it is also an upbringing of his parents, and His family loves sports.

Paddy Holland is the youngest son of a famous British comedian named Dominic Holland and the youngest son of a famous photographer, namely Nicole Elizabeth; Paddy’s brothers named, Sem and Harry Holland, are also following in his footsteps as an actor in TV series and movies, and Tom Holland who is an actor. The famous actor who starred in the films Spiderman, The Impossible, Pilgrimage and other famous films.

Judging from his family tree, it is very natural that Paddy has talent in film. His father is an artist, his mother is a photography artist, and his brother is a famous actor.

As a photographer, the mother’s role is constructive for Paddy in developing his career, using social media to promote exciting photos, and making Paddy popular with the public despite his talent as a talented actor.

Personal Information Paddy Holland

Paddy has the same hobbies as most young people in general, namely skateboarding, surfing, photography, playing soccer and reading, he has an ideal body with a height of 177 cm and a weight of 65 kg, and a sweet face is the main attraction for him,

According to information from the media, Paddy does not have a girlfriend at his current age because perhaps he is still under 17 years old. Paddy is more focused on developing his career and more focused on his hobbies with his friends.

Paddy also uses Instagram to expose himself; currently, Paddy Holland already has 697k followers on Instagram; in his post, Paddy often surfs in the sea with his friends and family.

His closeness to his family made Paddy grow; it’s just that apart from Instagram, Paddy doesn’t use other social media besides Instagram; like other artists, Paddy doesn’t have a Youtube Channel. He often appears on YouTube, The Brother Charity, a family channel.

Paddy started learning acting when he was five years old, and his siblings and parents taught him through short videos and several posts.

As a talented young man, it is certainly not wrong to say that Paddy inspires the public a lot because, at a young age, Paddy already has an income of 200,000 US dollars, and the results he gets from actors and several brands that need him for promotion.

Paddy Holland Movies

Starting his career as an actor in 2015, Paddy co-starred in a short film called Tweet. The short film is a comedy genre directed by Tom Holland, Dominic Holland, and Harry Holland, who is Paddy’s own family; of course, this is a start. Suitable for building a career.

In 2017 Paddy had the opportunity to play in an episode of the Entertainment Tonight series.

Paddy again showed his talent in the film Holmes and Watson, his first opportunity in a famous movie, and his last role in the TV series Invasion in 2021. Paddy Holland, in 2021 played Monty in the TV series Invasion.

Paddy Holland with his brother

Paddy Holland with his brother

The popularity of Paddy Holland is increasingly being discussed, and as a young boy who inherited his family’s talent, he has a great talent for acting.

Paddy Holland 2021

In 2021 Paddy Holland was busy with a series of films entitled Invasion. This Saint Fiction genre film tells about the emergence of alien species on planet earth and threatening human safety on earth.

Paddy Holland plays Monty’s role in the Series Invasion film in this film. This series is broadcast on Apple TV, Paddy appears in the first season of the series, and the second season is currently in production.

Paddy Holland in Invasion series

In an Instagram post, Paddy is seen acting in the film Invasion, which has 168k likes with 710 follower comments in one post.

All followers gave positive comments to Paddy. Many were proud of his achievements and prayed for his success as an actor.


Patrick Holland, more often called Paddy, is a young actor from England. Paddy began to plunge into the world of film in 2015 through short films produced by his family.

Paddy has a strong character in his films, like his brother Tom Holland. Paddy also has excellent acting.

His career as an actor will continue to grow if seen by his seriousness in pursuing the profession. The support from his parents and family makes his passion for him carrying out his career as an actor. Currently, Paddy is focusing on the Invasion Film Series, which was first released in 2021. The public, of course, is looking forward to the presence of this brother from Tom Holland acting in the film.