May 31, 2023

Natalia Vodianova: From Market Seller to Billionaire’s Wife

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Natalia Vodianova was born in 1982 in a small Russian town called Gorki and she is from a poor family that lived in the undeveloped neighborhood. Vodianova was growing up with two stepsisters, Kristina and Oksana, one of which suffered from cerebral paralysis.

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Incredible Fate of Beautiful Russian

Their father left them when she was just a small girl and the family was making ends meet. Just to provide food to the table, the sisters and their mother had to sell fruit and vegetables on the market, but they were spending most of the money on the ill sister.

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Brighten Up

Hard life for Natalia Vodianova lasted until she turned 15. At that time, one of the model agents saw her at the market and changed her life completely. She started working for a modeling agency in Russia and in only two years, she managed to stun the world. When she was 17, she moved to Paris.

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The offers were coming from all sides and this beauty earned a nickname “Supernova”. For a short period, she became one of the most wanted and highest-paid models. Contracts worth in millions, covers of Vogue, endorsement deals with Gucci, Prada, Channel, Versace, Hugo Boss… She was the third most successful model in the world and managed to earn $20 million.

Private Life

Natalia Vodianova got married to a billionaire Justin Portman and the couple has three kids together. Their love was often considered to be a fairy tale considering their backgrounds. However, after nine years of marriage, Natalia Vodianova decided to leave Justin and they got divorced seven years ago.

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Justin said: “I felt like the ragged Louis Vuitton bag. She treated me as if she had been ashamed of me. Natalia Vodianova treated me very badly and when the divorce was finalized, I went to rehab. When I heard from her after some time, she told me that I hadn’t missed her at all and neither had my family. She strongly pointed out that she had no intention whatsoever of getting back together.”

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And while her first husband was filled with grief, it was easy for Natalie. She started dating French billionaire Antoine Arnault and the couple now has two boys – Maxim and Roman.