May 31, 2023

Inside Jeffree Star’s New Home In Hidden Hills

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Jeffree Star House, YouTube personality and self-proclaimed make-up-hoarder is living the dream. However, not everything was always rosy for Star. Up until five years ago, Jeffree watched as his career in the music industry went down the drain saying that he is left with only $500 in his bank account. With his future prospects looking grim, Jeffree started doing what he does best and what piqued the public interest in the first place – eye-popping make-up. Star used to raise eyebrows wherever he went due to his costumes, pink hair, tattoos, and layers upon layers of vivid colors on his face. Still, with a failed day job as a singer, Jeffree wasn’t ready to give up just yet.

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Launching a YouTube channel with make-up tutorials quickly put him back in the spotlight. Subscribers gathered in masses, and soon Star created a name for himself in the cosmetics industry. The make-up mogul was invited to every party in town, mingling with the A-list celebrities and promoting his newfound passion.

Star’s signature is recognizable due to his quick wit and sharp tongue. His fanbase is fierce when it comes to defending their favorite public persona. And, unfortunately, they have plenty of opportunities to do so. In 2017 a public feud with Kylie Jenner exploded all over social media when Jeffree reviewed Jenner’s $360 make-up brushes on his YouTube channel calling them “cheap-looking and overpriced”. Needless to say, the friendship ended promptly with Kylie deleting Jeffree from her exclusive previews list. On the other hand, Star profited from this move immensely since the fans were hungry for some straightforward personal opinion on the products as opposed to just promoting it like everyone else on the platform.

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In just a few years, Jeffree went from fading singer to entrepreneur. Star is the owner of “Jeffree Star Cosmetics” and his statement about earning $20 million from one eyeshadow was plastered all over cover pages. Today, Jeffree’s net worth is estimated around $100 million and growing.

Since becoming the YouTube sensation, and a successful businessperson, Jeffree Star bought and soon sold his Barbie-like nest in Calabasas, CA, for $3.4 million. The house itself is a very unique experience bursting with bubble gum pink color from top to bottom. Jeffree Star House decorated this 6,500 square feet place himself – all 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, a gigantic kitchen that is adjacent to the living space, as well as the backyard.

Jeffree Star House Top And Interior Views

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Regardless of the pink explosion all over the place, the house still kept its glamour. No pool, though, which might be the reason behind the rush to offload the place since Star got less than what he paid for. Nevertheless, the house now has new owners who will probably do the full remodeling of the residence. Jeffree Star House

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Before selling this jazzy real estate, Star purchased a new one in Hidden Hills, LA County, CA for $14.3 million which is considered to be a great deal since the place was originally listed for $19 million in 2013. Since then, this mega structure had no prospective buyers until Jeffree and his boyfriend, a skateboarder Nathan Schwandt, came along. This exclusive neighborhood is home to many celebrities including Kris Jenner, John Stamos, and Drake. It’s guarded by three personal guards covering checkpoints along with hi-tech cameras.

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Jeffree Star House – The new residence is four times bigger, built in 2007, featuring 25,000 square feet, two attached guest structures, an enormous garage to accommodate 10 pink Lamborghinis, and one detached accommodation with an unclear purpose. Possibly staff quarters or a make-up shed. A Helidrome-sized driveway has enough space for dozens of vehicles.

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Jeffree Star House – The inside of the house is as luxurious as it gets. An entrance is boasting a marble double staircase leading to the living space, wet bar, and football-field-sized balcony. The kitchen is equipped with all stainless steel appliances, two islands, granite countertops, fridges, and honey-hued cabinetry.

Jeffree Star House Cabinetry Interior Majestic

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Since it’s a three-story house, the glass elevator can take you quickly and easily to every corner of the home. Other rooms include a dining room, office, library, two-story gym, massage parlor, and a wet bar in the basement. In the back of the house, there’s a huge pool with a spa, sunbathing space, and a firepit with a full outdoor kitchen. Jeffree Star House

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Jeffree and his partner will surely enjoy this mansion for a long time. Well done, Jeffree Star.