March 29, 2023

Inside Out 2 Release and Trailer

inside out 2

Inside Out 2 is an animated film directed by famous director Pete Docter. He is a writer and director from Bloomington, Minnesota. Pete has produced a lot of animated films Monster Inc, UP, and Inside Out.

Inside Out was first released in 2015, and this film tells the story of the emotional fragments of an 11-year-old child. The emotional pieces are divided into five characters with their respective characteristics.

Inside Out is an animated film where the voice actors of this film are famous people such as,

Inside out movie poster 1

  • Amy Poehler (Joy) is a character who expresses a cheerful expression,
  • Phyllis Smith (Sadness) is a character who expresses sadness
  • Bill Hader (Fear) is a character who represents fear
  • Lewis Black (Anger) is a character who expresses anger
  • Mindy Kaling (Disgust) is a character who expresses disgust
  • Kaitlyn Dias (Riley Anderson) is the main character
  • Kyle McLaren (Bill Anderson) as a father to Riley Anderson
  • Diane Lane (Jill Anderson) as Riley Anderson’s Mother
  • Richard Kind (Bing bong)

The character above is the character who played for the first Inside Out. This film became the most favourite film in 2015, and Box Office Mojo said that Inside Out made a total of $352 million, which is the net income of this Pixar Animation production film.

After this film was successfully screened, there were several opinions from film critics, and all critics responded positively to this animated film, even getting a 98% rating from Rotten Tomatoes.

Inside Out 2 release date

The success of the first Inside Out film did not stop there, and the director gave a leak that there would be an Inside Out 2 film.

Inside out two was originally going to be released in 2020 but was delayed due to the Covid 19 disaster that hit the world. Then news emerged about the release date of Inside 2 on June 19, 2022, and the audience was really hoping that Inside Out 2 would be released, but recently there has been shocking news regarding the Inside out movie.

When this film was sued in court for the theft of the story, Damon Pourshian from Canada reported the theft of the tale from Pixar Animation. The lawsuit made the public very sad and had to wait again regarding the release of the film Inside Out 2.

Until now, Pixar has not responded to this problem, there has been no official statement from related parties, so there is no certainty about the release date of Inside out 2.

Inside out 2 Trailer

Although there is no clarity regarding the release of this film, the trailer has appeared on YouTube.

Referring to the first Inside out, which tells the story of a child named Riley Anderson who befriends his five emotional characters, in this second sequel, it is said that Riley will be friends with his emotional side, where there will be a new character named “Nightmarish” who will destroy all his memories together. All the emotional feelings.

Riley Anderson's character in Inside Out

Riley Anderson’s character in Inside Out

Also, in Inside 2, Riley Anderson’s character will be told from his teenage age, which is 15 years old. When he is 15 years old, a new character appears that describes his emotions at a young age.

There has been no official continuation regarding the trailer inside out 2. As film lovers, the public can only hope and be patient while waiting for official information from Pixar animation.

About Inside out 2

Many questions have arisen from the public regarding the Inside Out film, starting from the release date, the trailer and even questions such as “is there an inside out 2”.

This question arises based on impatient waiting and pessimism about this animated film. If it is answered based on a summary of opinions on the internet, then the answer to this question is “yes”.

The answer can be seen from the appearance of the poster inside out 2, the introduction of new characters. There is even a video trailer on youtube, even though the status is not yet official. The problem of covid 19 and the existence of adverse claims related to this film are the main factors for the delay in the movie’s release date inside out two this.

For that, we can only wait for official information from related parties about the clarity of this best-animated film.

Additional Information

The success of the film Inside Out is not only limited to income from screenings and positive responses from the audience. Inside Out also received several awards as the best-animated film in 2016. Besides that, this film also received an award in the form of the movie with the best screenplay in the same year at the Academy event. Award on February 28, 2016.

The America Cinema Editors Awards awarded animation editor Kevin Nolting in the 2016 Best Animated Feature Film category.

Annie Awards awarded the film the most awards by awarding nine wins in each category for a total of fourteen categories.

The Golden Globe Awards ranked Inside Out as the best-animated film of 2016 in the category of the best-animated feature film.

A series of other achievements can prove the success of the film Inside out. Therefore it is only natural that the public expects a second sequel to this film.


The many achievements that have been achieved by the film Inside Out make the public increasingly impatient waiting for the movie Inside Out 2.

This animated film, which tells the story of a little boy named Riley Anderson and his five emotional friends, gives a very positive value to the children who watch it.

Regarding the release date of Inside out 2, it is not yet known for sure, and this delay occurred due to the covid 19 outbreak, as well as problems with other parties, which caused this film to be postponed for release.

Will Inside Out 2 be released? Of course, it will be released soon, but the exact date, month and year of release are not yet known.

According to information, Inside Out two will provide a different story from the first sequel, starting from the number of main characters, the characters involved, and the problems that arise in the film will be very different from the previous movie.

For that, we have to wait for official confirmation from Pixar Animation regarding the release date and the official trailer. Hopefully, this film will be released soon or at least there will be information from related parties to be calmer waiting for this Inside Out 2 film.