February 7, 2023

Female Referee Fernanda Colombo

fernanda colombo

Fernanda Colombo is one of the most beautiful female soccer referees in the world. Over time, she received some unpleasant offers, and she even shared one of them on her Instagram profile

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Recently, she posted a video that shows kissing with her husband on a soccer pitch. Under the video, she wrote, love is in the game. She became popular after she pranked Diaz, a player of Barcelona Sporting when she called him to give show him a yellow card.

Instead, she took a tissue and wiped out the sweat from her cheeks. She just laughed at the player. Unfortunately, this scene caused her to receive some unpleasant offers. She even posted one of them on her Instagram profile.

Fernanda Colombo Profesion on Sport

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She print screened the mail that tells that it was offered to her that she would receive over 7000 reals per night. The offer said that she will meet will intelligent and educated men in an age range between 30 and 40. Under that, she wrote that she feels like trash after she saw this message.

fernanda colombo referee