March 29, 2023

Charlotte Jones Anderson’s career and family

charlotte jones anderson

Charlotte Jones Anderson was a well-known businesswoman who served as vice president and head office of a National Football team called the Dallas Cowboys.

Jones is the son of the owner and president of the Dallas Cowboy National Football team, Jerry Jones.

Jones himself was a graduate of Stanford University in 1988. Early in his career Jones was appointed supervisor of the office and legislative staff of the United States representative Tommy F Robinson (R-Arkansan), where he was appointed chief of staff in the field from 1989 to 1990, and decided to resign that year.

Since joining his father’s business, Jones and his brother Stephan Jones have helped develop the Dallas Cowboys name. They oversee team strategy, sporting needs, and marketing of the Cowboys brand worldwide.

The Dallas Cowboys is a National Football club that was founded in 1960 and founded by Jerry Jones, the biological father of Charlotte Jones Anderson. The Dallas Cowboys have had exemplary achievements in National Football. They have won five times in the super bowl.

Jones was also involved in marketing the cheerleader who became a necessity in the sport of National Football, as well as the team’s mascot nicknamed Rowdy.

Biography of Charlotte Jones Anderson

In contrast to business people, Jones tends to be more secretive and doesn’t know much about himself. Little information tells about him, including;

  • Real Name: Charlotte Jones Anderson
  • Nickname: Jones
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthdate: July 26 1966
  • Place of birth: Springfield
  • Profession: Business executive

As already explained, Jones is a closed person and not much data about him.

Jones was born and raised by his parents in Springfield, a city in the United States, with his brother Stephen Jones, Jerry Jones Jr. and his father, Jerry Jones. They together built the Dallas Cowboys team in the National Football tournament in the United States.

Jones has often received awards throughout his career, including winning the 2013 Art Patron given by The Texas Medal of Art Awards. His name has also been included in the 2013 SportBusiness Journal Game Changers as an influential person.

He was the head of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, winning a medal in the American legion distinguished.

As a vice president at the Dallas Cowboys, it is noted that this sports team has revenues of around 5 billion US Dollars.

During his career, Charlotte Jones was recorded to have a wealth of approximately 100 Million US Dollars, which Jones had collected as Vice President at the Dallas Cowboys.

Charlotte Jones Anderson’s Husband

According to a piece of information, Jones has a husband, David Shy Anderson, who is also an essential person in the Dallas Cowboys.

Shy Anderson served as vice president of business development at the Dallas Cowboys, where he was an outstanding student at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.

Along with a relationship, the two decided to get married in 1991, and their marriage produced three children named Halley Anderson, Shy Anderson, and Paxton Anderson.

Halley Anderson, Shy Anderson and Paxton Anderson celebrate Christmas

Halley Anderson, Shy Anderson and Paxton Anderson celebrate Christmas.

Even though they were the top brass in the Dallas Cowboys, their marriage was simple and not as extravagant as most other dignitaries.

Charlotte Jones Anderson Divorce

A divorce between Jones and Shy Anderson was rumoured to be just an issue. According to an article, Jones and Shy’s relationship was fine. Even reportedly, they were a harmonious family among his family and even his extended family.

But the rumours became true over time, even publicly announced through the official Dallas Cowboys website.

There was a lot of drama surrounding Charlotte and Shy Anderson’s divorce, but in the end, they officially separated legally.

The number of internal problems between the two became one of the main factors in the divorce. In 2021, Charlotte Jones Anderson officially divorced David shy Anderson. It took 30 days to complete the file and investigation before the judge decided on a legal divorce between this couple.

The divorce between Jones and Davis also involved the defendants’ families. Before the legalization of the divorce between Jones and Shy, it was delayed several weeks due to several demands made by a lawsuit shy to Jones’ father, Jerry Jones.

Even though the Jones family had refused to discuss their divorce with the media, the complexity of the process made the judge temporarily seal the trial.

Charlotte Jones Anderson and her husband Shy Anderson

Charlotte Jones Anderson and her husband Shy Anderson

In his trial, Jones said that during 31 years of marriage, the two managed to collect assets with a total of 1.34 billion US Dollars. In which he will appeal against the claims related to the assets obtained.

The youth of Charlotte Jones Andreas

Jones is the son of a famous businessman, the president of the Dallas Cowboys National Football team named Jerry Jones.

Jones was Born in the city of Springfield, which is a city in the United States. He was born on July 26, 1966, and is currently 56 years old. The youth of Charlotte Jones Andreas is quite fun because he has two brothers named Stephen Jones and Jerry Jones Jr.

In education, Jones is an intelligent woman because she graduated from Stanford University with a major in human biology in 1988.

Joining Charlotte Jones in the Dallas Cowboys was the beginning of his success and Dallas Cowboys. He introduced National Football to the world with the television media that existed then. His success in managing the management of the Dallas Cowboys is an achievement in itself.


Charlotte Jones Anderson is an example of a hardworking woman who can achieve high achievements in her career.

A woman who was able to become the leader of a large club in the National Football Dallas Cowboys. His career has developed since becoming vice president of his father’s club.

Jones has a husband named David Shy Anderson, a senior in the Dallas Cowboys.

Their marriage gave birth to three children named Halley Anderson, Shy Anderson and Paxton Anderson.

Marriage drama enveloped their domestic life, and many internal problems occurred in their household, so they divorced in 2021.