March 29, 2023

Brook Monk, the Role model for young people

Brooke Monk

As a woman who has a beautiful face, of course, a significant capital in the world of entertainment, one of which is Brooke Monk, a teenager from Los Angeles who became known to the public through Tiktok, she started by creating content imitating her mother’s expressions and gestures which went viral. On TikTok in 2022, he began uploading more content such as POV videos, dancing videos, and make-up tutorials for his audience so that his name was increasingly recognized, and she managed to become one of the celebrities on the internet.

One of the content that the audience is interested in is make-up content made by Brooke, Brooke’s love has been seen since she was three years old, but her parents ignored her interests. Then at the age of 15, she started to express herself with make-up until she created content that catapulted her name. on social media.

Brooke Monk has five siblings: Bryanna, Blaize, Breanne, Brett, and Audra. Brooke, since childhood, grew up with his brother. In education, he never attended formal school, but since childhood, he was given education through homeschooling and, as she explained in one of the videos he had posted.

Brooke finished her education early because of homeschooling, so she had plenty of time to rest and create content on social media. In an interview, Brooke said that she was resting before entering university. Still, she was also considering not continuing her education because her career in the celebrity world was improving, so she could focus more on his career.

Brook Monk

Source: Instagram @brookemonk

Brooke Monk’s full biography

  • Real Name: Brooke Monk
  • Birthdate: January 13 – 2003
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles, US
  • Nationality: American
  • Christianity
  • Height (approximately): 5’3 or 161 cm
  • Weight (approx.): 48 kg or 106 pounds

His funny and very expressive nature makes him loved by many fans on social media. This is evidenced by the number of followers he has on Tiktok, which reaches 16.6 Million; not only on Tiktok, but she is also actively using Instagram with 1.7 Million Followers. Some of the content is also uploaded to Youtube; until now, he has 827k Subscribers. That number continues to increase along with the content she creates. She has creative ideas such as imitating his mother, tutorials that are very useful for children his age and daily activities that make people always curious about her.

About Brooke Monk

Growing up as a celebrity figure on the internet, of course, makes Brooke Monk’s life very desirable for every teenager in the world. All of his content, both on Tiktok and Youtube, is always crowded. No wonder he is listed as a wealthy young man with a total wealth of 2 million US dollars. Brooke also has a boyfriend named Sam Dezz, who often appears on his Youtube account.

Brooke Monk Leaked

Brooke once had the opportunity to interview with teen Magazine, and she said that one of her biggest wishes is to collaborate with famous artists such as Selena Gomez and James Charles; seeing her progress as a celebrity on the internet, of course, will not be difficult for Brooke to realize her wish.

When his career started to rise and everyone started to know about him, some controversies that happened to him began. Namely, one of his videos and photos was leaked to the public, and the short video showed someone who looked like Brooke Monk without clothes. It surprised the people and asked questions about the truth of the video and selfie photo.

Brooke Monk on Instagram

During his career on social media, Brooke managed to collect approximately 2.7 million followers. In one post, Brooke averages 300k-700k likes from his fans. Brook Monk’s Instagram contains his daily life, from posting photos while on vacation, photos with his family and lover, and selfie photos. With an exciting view, fans often discuss this, starting from the fashion she uses, her beautiful face, her make-up, and funny short videos.

In his post on Instagram, Brooke looks to have an ideal body, slim body, tall and beautiful face and is very suitable as a model; he has also said that being a model is one of his dreams.

Brooke Monk Tiktok

She started his career by uploading mimicry videos on Tiktok Brooke, which went viral and managed to get 16.6 million followers who have 1.2 billion likes by Tiktok users. Tiktok Brooke monk contains exciting content such as POV, Lipsing, and dancing videos. His funny and aggressive demeanour attracted the attention of the public, so Brooke managed to become one of America’s young Tiktok rising stars.

Thanks to his achievements on Tiktok, Brooke Monk managed to become one of the new idols for his age. Brooke also often makes video tutorials for young people to look always bright, one of the videos he uploaded in 2019 with the title “less than 10 min back to school make-up for lazy girls.” Viral and young people follow many.

Having many followers on social media makes Brooke a successful young person as a celebrity so that she can attract many big brands to use her popularity in business and commerce to negotiate in the field of product promotion. Brooke collaborates with TheFuellnjector as her agent.

Brooke monk has a nice body

Brooke monk has a nice body.

Source: Instagram @brookemonk


Brooke Monk became one of the new stars in the world of social media, and he is an attractive icon figure for young people to follow, his efficient and funny nature is a capital to jump into the world of entertainment, using the internet as a medium to expose himself to become a trend. Only at this time, of course, by paying attention to the aspect of appropriateness in taking pictures.

Brooke Monk is an example of a creative young person. The community highly accepts exciting content that is constantly uploaded to his social media, and even though she has been able to make a lot of money at a young age, focusing on Brooke Monk’s Instagram, Tiktok and social media, she succeeded in becoming one of the successful women. She will continue to be successful in the future.