May 31, 2023

Billie Eilish Bikini Backlash Photos

billie eilish bikini

Billie Eilish, bikini pop star, 18 years old, never wears tight clothing that would highlight her curves or body features, as she doesn’t want people to make comments about her sexuality.

Many were stunned when she posted photos and videos of herself in a bikini from her vacation in Hawaii. She spoke out about her baggy fashion choices in a May 2019 interview with Teen Vogue.

billie eilish in bikini

“Nobody can judge my body because they haven’t seen the underneath. Nobody can tell you that she is slim, but “she’s not thin,” or “she’s fat.”

billie eilish bikini pic

Eilish said back then that nobody can speak for anyone because they don’t know.

Billie Eilish Bikini Backlash Photos

billie eilish in a bikini

Many people said that she changed her mind when she posted the above vacation content. She also mentioned that she would like to promote her body now she is 18 years old.

billie eilish bikini pics

“I noticed comments such as, “How dare her say she doesn’t want to be sexualized then wear this?” !””
Billie Eilish Bikini continued: “It was trending and there were comments such as, “I don’t like her anymore since she turned 18 she became a slut.”  I can’t win 

billie eilish bikini pic nice

This slideshow currently has over 13 million views and 136,000 comments. There is no provocative content in her feed. Most photos and videos of her include her in the baggy style.

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60.7 million of her true followers and fans know that she didn’t want to be seen in bikinis, and that it was a slideshow of some of her most memorable vacation memories.