May 31, 2023

5 Hidden Benefits of Living in the South

The American South is one of the most amazing places to live globally.  With its own unique personality, this can often feel like an entirely different country from the rest of the USA.  Getting to know the local food and culture is a treat anyone would enjoy: and moving here means you never have to leave it behind.

These are the top five benefits of living in the south many don’t consider: and why it’s paradise on Earth.

More Spacious Properties

Because many lots and properties were built almost a hundred years ago, the average property in the South is larger than most other areas of the country.

This means that not only are you saving money, but you’re also getting more land to spread out and live on.  This is especially exciting for families who have had to cramp into apartments for most of their time together.

Far Cheaper Cost of Living

Although every area has its expensive properties, if you look at Little Rock houses for sale, you’ll see that many portions of the South have incredibly affordable properties.

In addition, many cities scattered throughout the South have homes for lower prices, even in major cities like Houston, which means you don’t have to decide between your budget or a long commute!  You can easily afford a city home off nearly any income.

Year-Round Warmer Weather

Of course, winters can still get cold: but they’re far less icy and devastating than the north.  Many beaches in areas like Florida and southern Texas stay open year-round so people can enjoy the sand and sun whenever they want.

Temperatures can drop into the 40s, but most South only experiences minimal freezing and rarely any snow.  Of course, this rule doesn’t stand in any mountainous regions where snow is a part of life, but the great thing about the South is how varied it is.

Balance of Work and Play

Have you spent your entire life working hard, and you want a space where you can breathe and relax?  It’s time to move to the South.  This area is well-known for its work-play balance that gives people here the chance to stop and breathe.

In addition, the lower cost of living means you don’t have to work as much, and you can instead enjoy the gorgeous surroundings and warm weather.

Emphasis on Family and Community

The South pushes hard on the importance of family and community.  Although you won’t be ostracized if you don’t move here as part of a family, it’ll be expected of you to join in and help your community. 

This can be shocking to someone from a large city who isn’t used to even befriending their neighbors after they’ve lived side by side for ten years, but it’s a good change. The sense of community can make you feel more secure and at home,

The South Can Be An Incredible Destination

Whether you’re sick of the freeze and snow of the north, or you’re tired of the high property costs in the western portions of the country: moving to the South can feel like coming home.  Consider looking into the cities here, and you’ll fall in love with the area in no time.